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June 27, 2009


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Dennis Muldrow

If the jobs do come back to America I feel it will be far too late. What has happened to us is corporate greed at its worst. To fix the unemployment problem in America without the return of jobs becomes a scheduling problem. Tax incentives need to be given to employers who are willing to change their work schedule to 4 ten hour days on with one crew and 4 ten hour days on with another crew. 4 days on 4 days off, the five day work week is over. Twice as many jobs can be created with this work schedule. A person will lose on the average of 2 days a month, which is 24 days out of the year. This may cause a person to tighten their budget but they won’t loose their home and another family can keep their home. This country needs to put everyone back to work and now!


Both our college-educated, experienced & skilled kids are in this underemployment. Both are in their mid-twenties.
Both have lost jobs during Obama’s regime and both scurried to get re-employed as quickly as possible.
Both are grateful to have jobs, but they had to really work at it.
Neither has a dream job, but both plugging through and paying bills.

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