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January 19, 2009


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Actually, I quite think the reason of Circuit City's closing was due to its irresponsible laying off of the associates that knew what the hell they were talking about. My being one of the them. People HAVE and WILL lost/lose respect for a company that does that kind of thing. THAT was their downfall. Nothing else. I am, of course, speaking from experience.

T. Langhorne

My opinion on the subject of Circuit City is one of the worst the company did was take away the commissioned sales counselor. Once they did that the customer dropped tremendously. I worked at Circuit City in 1991 to 1994. This was during our recession right after Desert Storm and Circuit City at that time was making a 4 billion dollar a year profit. The stocks even had split twice. Saleman were trained and cared about the customer. You could no longer find that same atmosphere in CC since the change.

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